GPU Accelleration IP Cores

VividSparks is a self funded, high-speed computing technology company that specializes in fabless semiconductors. We are oriented towards solving fundamental problems in arithmetic circuit designs. We have libraries and algorithms that are highly silicon efficient and brilliant performing. At VividSparks, our technology is built with the goal of delivering high performance to users with minimum power consumption possible. We believe technology has to be novel – not expensive. And novel technology should be accessible and affordable to everyone. VividSparks wants to create a least power consuming, less silicon area consuming computing world, at the same time deliver top class performance.

HPC Multicore

64 POSIT cores which provide server-class performance that is un-  matched in it’s efficiency and size

-Designed for HPC applications undertaking complex computing tasks

– Supports OpenFOAM, GROMACS

– Provides support for high end mathematical functions

Automotive Multicore

32 POSIT cores that doesn’t compromise performance

-Best suited for automotive applications

– Compatible for all floating-point instructions

– Supported with VividSparks POSIT  compiler

World’s 1st POSIT GPU

Premium GPU architecture configurable up to 512 cores

– Flexible architecture with parameterization of different POSIT configurations

– More POSIT operations per watt

– Supports Floating Point equivalent  POSIT instructions

AI Multicore

16 POSIT cores for AI and ML

– Very light weight arithmetic units best

suited for AI applications

– Support for matrix multiplications and  additions for Neural Network

– Flexible architecture with parameterization of processing elements