We are a semiconductor company specializing in GPU acceleration IP cores in AI/ML, HPC, Automotive and Graphics Computing applications. Our IP cores are based on POSIT number system.

HPC Multicore

64 POSIT cores which provide server-class performance that is un-  matched in it’s efficiency and size

-Designed for HPC applications undertaking complex computing tasks

– Supports OpenFOAM, GROMACS

– Provides support for high end mathematical functions

– Provides more accurate results than  Floating Point number system

Automotive Mulitcore

32 POSIT cores that doesn’t compromise performance

-Best suited for automotive applications

– Compatible for all floating-point instructions

– Supported with VividSparks POSIT  compiler

World’s First POSIT GPU

Premium GPU architecture configurable up to 512 cores

– Flexible architecture with parameterization of different POSIT configurations

– More POSIT operations per watt

– Supports Floating Point equivalent  POSIT instructions

– Supports CUDA equivalent programming model, Python and PyTorch  programming models

–  Supports OpenGL/OpenCL

AI Multicore

16 POSIT cores for AI and ML

– Very light weight arithmetic units best

suited for AI applications

– Support for matrix multiplications and  additions for Neural Network

– Flexible architecture with parameterization of processing elements