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The Next Wave of Gallium Nitride

At PCIM – this year in digital version – several companies are showing their latest innovations. The GaN power market doubled in 2020 according to Yole

Source: The Next Wave of Gallium Nitride – Power Electronics News

GaN, SiC Stage a Power Play 

Growing demand for power supplies, photovoltaic inverters and hybrid and electric car components is helping the power electronics sector achieve critical mass.Omdia, the London-based technology forecaster, discerns a transition occurring in the nascent market for gallium nitride and silicon carbide wide bandgap semiconductors as plucky startups are snapped up by established power IC manufacturers. Hence, it is forecasting the GaN/SiC sector will exceed $1 billion in revenues in 2021.

Source: GaN, SiC Stage a Power Play | EE Times

GaN Enabling a Revolution in Charger Design 

Gallium nitride (GaN) switch technology has enabled a major advance in the miniaturization of chargers and adapters. GaN transistors switch very efficiently. This allows the development of converters that can either operate at much higher switching frequency than a circuit using equivalent silicon devices, potentially reducing transformer size, or provide solutions that deliver significant system efficiency improvements, reducing or eliminating the need for heat sinks.

Source: GaN Enabling a Revolution in Charger Design | EE Times