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How to spot counterfeit electronic components

Counterfeits electronic components are Electronic components that are misleading as to the origin or quality relating to the parts. It is possible to counterfeit a certain electronic component and potentially infringe one’s trademark license rights. 

Counterfeit parts often have inferior specifications and quality. They may be a hazard in a critical system such as an aircraft navigation and life support equipment or space vehicle. The sale in consumer markets of electronic components making it easier for counterfeiters to integrate inferior and counterfeit goods into the market. 

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Combating Counterfeit Chips

The harsh reality is that today, the authenticity of chips is often impossible to guarantee. The counterfeit chip market is sizeable and growing with a worldwide value estimated at $75B in 2019. Those counterfeits are believed to have been integrated into more than $169B of electronic devices. Recent confirmed incidents of counterfeit parts found in electronic systems include defibrillators, airport landing lights, intravenous (IV) drip machines, and braking systems for high speed trains. With electronic devices critical to nearly every aspect of modern life, the risk of counterfeits can range from an inconvenience to injury or loss of life.

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