Global Electronics Update for July 15, 2020 

Here are some recent global growth estimates by Custer Consulting Group based on our analyses of multiple data sources (as noted):Chart 1 shows our estimate of electronic equipment sales by region through June, based on regional dataChart 2 consolidates the sales in chart 1 to yield monthly total electronic sales; June 2020 was down 4.4 percent versus June 2019 and down 1 percent sequentially versus May 2019World semiconductor and semiconductor capital equipment shipment growth peaked on a 3/12 basis in May (chart 3) as the June global PMI leading indicator points to weaker growth short term (excluding normal seasonality)Chart 4 compares the quarterly global unit shipment of smartphones, personal computers, media tablets and digital cameras; recent mobile phone demand has been negatively impacted by the pandemic and economic recession, but computer and media tablet shipments rose due to “work at home” mandatesWorld PCB shipments are beginning their normal seasonal rebound (chart 5)

Source: Good News in the Computing, PCB Markets | Weekly Global Update for July 15, 2020 | TTI, Inc.