Electronics Execs Optimistic as 2020 Draws to an End

The idea that the electronics industry would close the year on a high note seemed absurd 9 months ago. But like the manufacturing sector writ large, the supply chain has bounced back from the worst of coronavirus pandemic.“In spite of serious concerns about both supply and demand impacts in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, it appears sales levels for 2020 will remain fairly stable compared to 2019 with some sectors showing relatively mild declines and others actually achieving growth,” according to Dale Ford, ECIA’s chief analyst. Just days before the ECIA report was issued, the Institute for Supply Management released similar findings – supply executives were more optimistic in November than they were the prior month.U.S. manufacturing growth has softened but remains above pre-pandemic levels. The ISM’s factory index, the PMI, declined by 1.8 percent — to 57.5 — from October’s level of 59.3. ECIA’s December forecast for overall component sales registered 113.9, down from 136.9 in November.  The line between growth and contraction is, respectively, 50 and 100.

Source: Electronics Execs Optimistic as 2020 Draws to an End