Can India’s Emerging Electronics Industry Compete with China? 

The pandemic, last year’s global supply chain challenges, and this year’s conflict in Eastern Europe make the case for why it’s important for a country to diversify the sources of its imports. Now, with a China-Taiwan situation brewing, the U.S. needs more than ever to loosen China’s grip on its electronics market. This move isn’t political, it’s purely practical. It’s about minimizing risk. And it makes sense right now because there is a new emerging market vying to meet American consumer demand: India. American importers have been cautious about forming long-term deals with Indian electronics manufacturers, and rightfully so. In the past, political instability as well as a complex set of tariff laws made trade with India difficult. So what has changed? For the past several years, India’s government has been stable, with a focus on luring foreign countries to invest in their growing manufacturing base.

Source: Can India’s Emerging Electronics Industry Compete with China? · EMSNow