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Micro Technology Group is a transformational business development company that provides technical marketing and sales services for leading manufacturers of semiconductors, passive components, and related electronic components. Considered thought leaders in the electronics industry ecosystem, we provide extensive knowledge and expertise for our suppliers and clients on how to navigate the complexity of the design-in process. Over the past thirty years, we have helped countless manufacturers of electronic components achieve successful results.

Achieve Your Goals

While our primary focus is providing business development and marketing services for manufacturers of electronic components, we have transformed our capabilities to include our fulfillment services for our specialty electronic components suppliers who require a more efficient channel for supporting customers in the Americas region.  We offer suppliers with a best in class strategy for winning new designs and customers with reduced cost and shorter time to market! By clearly identifying our supplier’s core competencies and focused markets, we develop a strategy that allows all stakeholders to optimize return on investment. We implement a strategy of mapping supplier’s technologies and focused products with targeted end markets and technology clusters. Our expertise helps us bring an extraordinary level of service value with the best possible outcome for our customers and channel partners.

Why Choose Us?

We are considered thought leaders in the electronic component industry. We provide electronic component manufacturers with an innovative approach to transforming business development strategies.

  1. We are manufacturers’ representatives, providing fulfillment services to reduce cost and time-to-market.
  2. Our industry expertise allows us to balance supplier ROI, customer requirements, and the design cycle.
  3. We leverage our industry relationships and transform supplier strategies to successfully expand businesses.
  4. Our staff of professionals hold technical degrees and are committed to providing consistent top-quality service.
  5. Our in-depth understanding of the manufacturing environment enhances our ability to serve all our stakeholders.

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Solid Body, Current Limiting Fuses QPL listed to FM12/P600L and Mil-PRF- 23419/12 ▪ High-Reliability Micro Fuses ▪ High-Reliability Ferrite Chip Beads for Mil-Aero Applications

Robotic Solder Dipping per GEIA-006 • BGA Reballing • Re-Tinning and Lead • Gold Embrittlement Mitigation • Counterfeit Mitigation • XRF Analysis •  X-Ray Inspection Services

▪ LED Die, UV to Infrared, White and all wavelengths and Brightness Classes ▪ Custom Packaged LEDs▪ Laser Diodes, Die and Bars▪ Photo Diodes▪ Photo Transistors▪ Detector Arrays▪ Photo Sensitive Detectors▪ Emitters▪ High Power VCSEL Arrays▪ Custom LED Modules

Axetris Infrared Sources (IRS) offer micro-machined, electrically modulated thermal infrared emitters featuring true blackbody radiation characteristics, low power consumption, high emissivity and a long lifetime. The design is based on a resistive heating element integrated onto a thin dielectric membrane which is suspended on a micro-machined silicon structure. Infrared sources from Axetris are used in a number of gas detection applications in medical, industrial, environmental and automotive industries.

ARINC 429, 571 and 575 Line Drivers, Receivers and Transceivers ▪ Power Conditioning Circuits ▪ Discrete-to-Digital Logic Conversion Circuits ▪ Bipolar Analog ASIC Arrays ▪ Custom Mil-AerospaceDiscrete ASIC Circuits

Electro Tecchnik
High Reliability Capacitors, Resistors and Magnetics

Micro-Beam Steering Solutions ▪ All-in-One Miniature Closed-Loop Motion Systems ▪ Squiggle and UTAF Piezo Motors ▪ M3-L Smart Actuators ▪ M3-L Linear Smart Stages ▪ M3-F and M3-FS Focus Modules

NFC Wireless Charging ICs • NFC Reader for POS & mPOS

Analog TO-39, 1-4 Channel  Flame and Hydrocarbon Sensors ▪ezPyro SMD Single & Dual  for Flame, Gesture, IR Gas, Motion and Broadband Filter Sensors▪ Linear Arrays 128/128+1/255/510 Elements▪ Linear Array MSDS for ZnSe Crystal Option


Semiconductors: Packaged Semiconductors, FPGAs, 3D ICs ▪ DMS/EOL Solutions ▪  Wafer Sorting & Processing

Packaging & Assembly: Enhanced Plastic and Chip-Scale Solutions ▪ Flip-Chip, MCM and SiP Packages ▪ Assembly Services

Component Modification: BGA Re-Balling ▪ GEIA Robotic Exchange for Leaded Components ▪ XRF and Mechanical Test Services

Testing: PEM Qualifications, Screening and Test Services, Device Analysis, Up-Screening

Wafers/Die ▪ DMS/EOL Solutions ▪ Wafer Dicing ▪ Wafer Thinning ▪ Wafer Stacking ▪ Wafer Bumping ▪ Wafer Probe Inspection

Standard QPL Listed and Custom High Voltage Discrete Rectifiers, Bridges, Assemblies and Power Supplies ▪ QPL Power and High Voltage Discrete Semiconductors and Modules ▪ GaN and SiC Power FETs

High Current PCBs ▪ Thick Copper PCBs (105-240μm) ▪ Ultra Thick Copper PCBs (300-500μm) ▪ Ultra Max Thick Copper PCBs (1000μm) ▪ Combination PCBs ▪ Bus Bar Embedded PCBs ▪ Copper Inlay and Al Base PCBs

Ceramic SMPS Capacitors, High Voltage Radials, Tight Tolerance, Discoidals and Arrays ▪  QML Mil-PRF-49470, 87106 and DC 87040-88011 ▪ Safety Capacitors with UL and TUV Approvals ▪ High Voltage SMT Capacitors.

High-speed fab-less semiconductor solutions ▪   IP Libraries and algorithms that are highly silicon efficient with minimum power consumption possible ▪ Higher volumetric efficiency requiring less real estate and top class performance