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Creating a Reliable National Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles 

Electric vehicle (EV) owners may love their cars, but they don’t always like the state of the infrastructure needed to keep those sustainable vehicles charged up and on the road. In the San Francisco Bay area alone—a region where one would assume there are a high number of EVs and an equally ample number of public chargers—just over 70% of the city’s 657 public fast chargers were in working order, according to Autoweek.

Source: Creating a Reliable National Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles | Source Today

Form Energy raises $450 million funding round

One of the largest funding rounds raised this year by a single tech company came from a sector that won’t surprise longtime Massachusetts tech observers: batteries. Form Energy, a maker of iron-air batteries that can store clean energy for days without incurring in high costs, said on Tuesday it raised $450 million in a late-stage investment. Sarah Bray, a spokesperson for Form Energy, said in an email that the company does not need to rely on public markets for capital at this time.

Source: Form Energy raises $450 million funding round, plans to build manufacturing facility – Boston Business Journal

A global view on EV charging

As a global organization, Avnet has a privileged insight into how the EV charging infrastructure is developing across the world. Governments and private companies are generating growing momentum behind the move to fully battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). However, not all regions are developing infrastructure at the same rate.

The dynamics of refueling internal combustion engine vehicles are fundamentally different from supplying electricity for BEVs. At minimum, public charge points will be installed alongside fuel pumps. However, the obvious difference is the refuel v recharge timeframe. This creates demand for more charge points at more than just service stations.

Source: A global view on EV charging

The Life Story of the EV battery 

For months now, I have been drowning in my search to find an electric vehicle (EV). Weighing options. Living with car shortages. The batteries on these are huge. I got consumed with the question: How can the world sustain everyone driving an EV? Here is what I discovered about these batteries.

Source: The Life Story of the EV battery – EE Times Asia

6 Million Units of Electric Cars Likely To Be Shipped In 2022

2022 is expected to see around 6 million units of electric four-wheelers being shipped globally, in contrast to the 4 million unit shipments in 2021, as per a new report by Gartner. It forecasts that electric cars (battery electric and plug-in hybrid) will represent 95 percent of total EV shipments in 2022 and the remainder will be split between buses, vans and heavy trucks.

Source: 6 Million Units of Electric Cars Likely To Be Shipped In 2022: Gartner – ElectronicsB2B

Mercedes Prototype Can Travel 600 Miles Per Charge 

Mercedes-Benz started off the new year with a dramatic declaration of its intentions in the electric vehicle segment. The German automaker on Monday unveiled the Vision EQXX, a sleek, four-door electric sedan prototype that would set a new standard for EV range. Company officials said the EQXX is able to travel more than 600 miles per charge. What’s more, Mercedes said the car’s energy consumption is less than 10 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers.

Source: Mercedes Prototype Can Travel 600 Miles Per Charge | Manufacturing.net

Market Update: Electric Vehicles 

The time when electric vehicles (EVs) were seen as pet projects that would someday come of age and go mainstream are long gone. In its place is a mad rush to develop EVs across numerous different vehicle categories—from small passenger cars to huge tractor trailers, and all points in between. Automakers across the board are involved in the push, which is driving up expectations about just how many EVs will be on the road and operating within the next few years.

Source: Market Update: Electric Vehicles | Source Today

Why Car? Here’s What We Think Apple Wants from ‘iCar’ 

Is Apple really planning to produce an iCar? Probably.According to a report from Reuters, Apple is targeting production of a passenger car starting in 2024. Rumors of the “iCar”, also known as Project Titan, have been circulating and recirculating for years, but its time may have finally come. Let’s look at that idea in more detail.

Source: Why Car? Here’s What We Think Apple Wants from ‘iCar’ | EE Times

Future of Electric Vehicles & New EV Technology 

There are an estimated 1.4 billion cars on the road globally, and about 5.1 million of them are electric vehicles (EV). Even though only one-third of one percent of all consumer vehicles use EV technology, some of the most innovative companies in the global economy are EV manufacturers. Does the future promise fully electric semi-trucks, cars, and motorcycles? The next generation of EVs may revolutionize the world of transportation.

Source: Future of Electric Vehicles & New EV Technology | Arrow.com

Battery Maker SK Plans $940M Expansion 

ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — A battery company plans a $940 million expansion of a manufacturing plant in Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp’s office said Thursday.Kemp’s office says in a news release that the expansion by the company “SK innovation” in Jackson County will create 600 jobs.

Source: Vehicle Battery Maker Plans $940M Expansion | Manufacturing.net

Automotive Electrification Keeps Driving Capacitor Development

Conventional wisdom says that when sales in a given market segment are falling, it’s not a great time to introduce new products.Take the automotive Read More

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