Micro Technology Group provides innovative marketing and tactical selling services for manufacturers of electronics components and value-added services. With over thirty years of industry experience, we offer a high level of expertise to our principals, channel partners and customers.  Many manufacturers and distributors have benefited through collaboration with our firm. 

While there are many advantages of maintaining in-house marketing and business development expertise, we offer a cost-effective alternative which allows our clients to focus on their core competencies while strengthening their marketing and business development activities. We provide high quality expertise that full time specialists would provide, at much less expense.


The electronics component industry has changed significantly over the past decade.  While some manufacturers continue to use traditional sales approaches, others are leveraging the internet with an arsenal of product content and on-line tools.   We believe, the “best-in-class” solution utilizes a hybrid approach, transforming marketing and sales strategies into success results. 

We offer a hands-on, or tactical implementation of our principal’s “go to market” strategy. We work directly with our principals to assess current strategies, develop  and recommend forward-looking strategies and provide a road map for success.  Our goal is to provide a cost effective strategy that results quantifiable results. We make every effort to understand the uniqueness of each principal’s culture to provide the best possible advice and to harvest a lasting and long-term relationship.


We offer a proven solution for assisting suppliers with expanding their global sales and distribution network.  After assessing the supplier’s goals, marketing and sales strategies, and short and long -term objectives,  we can assist with developing an expansion plan compatible with the supplier’s business strategy.

Utilizing a global network of manufacturers’ representatives, agents  and distributors, we recommend candidates who best fit the supplier’s sales philosophy and company objectives. The typical process for recruiting business development and channel partners include screening, evaluating, selection of qualified candidates, analyzing finalists and ultimately selection of a partner.  


Our Strategic Account Program evolved out of our success with managing our principals’ key accounts in New England. With many years-experience managing key accounts on a global basis, we provide the expertise and infrastructure for effective key account management. Our in-depth knowledge of business development allows us to quickly develop a successful strategy and engage decision makers that allow you to grow your business. Our experience has proven that clear focus and effective communications between our principals and key account decision makers is critical to the success of your program. We have developed programs specifically for end market focus such as aerospace, defense, and microelectronics as well as for specific accounts including Raytheon Technologies, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, and Collins Aerospace. 


We provide a reliable, efficient, and cost effective solution for manufacturers who want to establish a regional presence in North America in order to improve their visibility and improve their market position. Although North American based electronics manufacturing has declined in recent years, design activity remains strong. We offer technical and business development expertise and a strong network of regional strategic alliances that allow our principals a unique and effective resource for North American based design win growth, brand recognition, and market penetration. We also offer product introduction and fulfillment services through Electroverge®, our specialty distribution business unit.


We assist clients with developing strategic alliances and joint ventures as an alternative to internal product development and for developing alliances as a means of managing business outside the realm of the client’s core competency. In recent years, many electronics manufacturers have sought manufacturing partners, and have added complimentary product lines as a means of enhancing profitability.  We assist clients with developing joint marketing programs, buy-resale agreements, and vertical integration strategies, all of which resulted in improved financial and market performance. 

For more complex alliances, we team up with specialists who offer our principals with the expertise required to consummate a successful deal.  With a well-established network of industry experts who specialize in strategic alliances, we provide the client with the necessary resources required to meet your strategic objectives.


Our management team has participated as subject matter experts in United States Federal Court on cases related to the electronic components industry. As a subject matter expert, we prepared technology and industry specific reports related to cases being heard in Federal Court. As an expert witness, our management team was qualified as an expert witness by the court of law. In this role, we prepare and present our findings as a resource to educate the court about specific areas of interest related to court case. The intent of using expert witnesses by members of the court is to understand the evidence presented or determine specific facts related to the case.

We have provided provided short-term consultations to numerous consulting firms, investment groups, and Corporations who have a specific interest in the component industry. These consultations range from general industry discussions to specific industry sectors, manufacturers, sales channels, and end markets. We have also provided consulting expertise to many component manufacturers relative to marketing strategy and business development.