Global Electronics Update for Nov. 11, 2020 

October PMIs have been released for major countries worldwide: Key regions saw a PMI improvement in October vs. September 2020 (chart 1)Global PMI reached its highest value since June 2018 (chart 2)Institute for Supply management’s U.S. PMI surged (chart 3)European PMIs improved, with the exception of UK and Russia (chart 4)Eurozone PMI reached its highest level since June 2018 (chart 5)Germany manufacturing activity continued to expand (chart 6)Asia improved with the exception of Vietnam (chart 7) as ASEAN composite PMI edged up but still remained below 50 (chart 8)China manufacturing activity continued to rise (chart 9)

Source: Growth in PMIs; Sales Improved in Q3 | Weekly Global Update for Nov. 11, 2020 | TTI, Inc.