Gas Sensor Modules

GSS designs and manufactures a wide range of solid-state NDIR gas sensors, providing innovative measurement solutions for the world’s leading OEMs where low power, high accuracy and high-speed measuring capability are required.

GSS is a market leader in ultra-low power CO₂ sensors, enabling a whole new class of interior air quality monitoring equipment capable of running for years on battery power alone.

Leveraging our expertise in high-speed optical design, we have created gas sensors that are capable of measuring levels of CO2 and Methane gas in real-time, with unparalleled levels of accuracy.

We are a trusted partner for medical and life sciences applications where lives are on the line.

To provide best-in-class service to leading OEMs requires an organization that delivers time and time again. Our ISO-9001 certified processes provide a foundation for ensuring that we earn your trust year after year.