Specialty Electronic Components Solutions

Specialty Technologies Capabilities

Electroverge® offers an innovative solution for the marketing and sales of semiconductors, passive components, and related products. Our focus is providing an easy solution for launching new products and a channel for procuring specialty electronic components. We eliminate obstacles inherent in the traditional purchasing process, while providing an “easy to buy from” solution. Our platform reduces response time for technical support and sales activities, while providing improved communication with all stakeholders in the design cycle.


-10 ~ 110°C

2 Amp Temperature Power Sensor

Compact/small differential/long life and low price type Temperature Power Sensor. Expanding new applications in the world due to its high performance capability closest to the performance of electronic thermostat.

Passive Components

-10 ~ 110°C

5 Amp Temperature Power sensor

In addition to our represented lines, we offer many niche passive component solutions. Our portfolio includes capacitors, resistors, inductors and fuses. 

Thermal Mangement

115 ~ 400°C

3 Amp High Temperature TPS

Our new high temperature thermostat is capable of operating up to 450C.The M2H is capable of two million mechanical cycles and over 100,000 electrical cycles as for thee regulating temperature and also for the protuctor at IP60.


-10 ~ 110°C

Liquid Temperature Power Sensor

Liquid temperature control mounting MQT series available in both brass and stainless steel-304 housing materials. Series includes 2 and 5 Amp versions with temperature setting range from -10 ~ 110°C. Meets the requirements of IP65.