Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors

Engineered to Perform!

Gill is a world leader in capacitive, solid-state liquid level sensing technology. With no moving parts to break or wear out, our liquid level sensors offer unmatched long term reliability in a variety of harsh environments.

On-board processing electronics are located within the mounting flange and each sensor offers a fully configurable 0-5V analogue output, compatible with most industry standard systems. All Gill capacitive level sensors are suitable with most fluids including fuel, oil, water, coolant, bio-fuel and other liquid types.

Compact, lightweight and robust, our liquid level sensors are used in an extremely wide range of applications including premier motorsport series, defence & unmanned vehicles, marine vessels, mining and industrial machinery.

With a range of standard capacitive liquid level sensor designs and the ability to produce bespoke sensors in low and high volumes, we can offer reliable level sensing solutions to suit your application requirements.

LevelSlick® Level Sensor (7014)

  • No holes or moving parts to clog or block
  • Non stick PTFE coating ensures long-term reliability and accuracy
  • Compatible with suspended solids, flocculants, slurry, colloids, effluents, acidic fluids
  • Unaffected by agitation and foaming
  • Pre-calibrated – ready to use ‘out of the box’
  • Wireless solution available

LevelPro® Level Sensor (7010)

  • Suitable for water, saline, fuels, oil, chemicals
  • No moving parts for high reliability
  • Accuracy +/-2% FSD

LevelLite® Level Sensors (4223)

  • Lightweight, robust aluminium construction
  • Continuous, high accuracy level measurement
  • Proven reliability in demanding environments
  • Measures high performance fuels, oils and coolants
  • Accurate results even in irregular tank shapes
  • Multiple standard or custom mounting options