Taiyo Kogyo offers High Current PCBs with Copper Inlays for Power Semiconductor Applications

Copper Inlay PCB is well recognized in Japan and is becoming a trend for Heat Dissipation PCB. Taiyo Kogyo is the first company who developed and marketed Copper Inlay PCB.Taiyo Kogyo’s Copper Inlay PCB is widely used in many industry fields, and especially used in automotive parts which are important for human safety.

Source: Copper Inlay PCB | Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. | Printed Circuit Company

Matsuo Electric offers high temperature thermostats rated up to 450°C

Matsuo Electric offers a new series of high temperature  thermostats capable of operating up to 450°C. Calibration from 200°C to 400°C are available with tolerance down to ±15°C and differentials as small as 20±10°C. The M2H is capable of 2 million mechanical cycles and over 100,000 electrical cycles as for the regulating temperature and also as for the protector at IP60 rate. Available through Matsuo’s US distribution partner, Micro Technology Group, Inc.


Thermal interface materials for extended EV battery lifespan 

Heat dissipation and thermal management are growing issues in the design of electric vehicles (EVs) and their components. Within the battery pack, heat is generated during the operation of the battery. However, batteries operate more efficiently and retain their capacity longer if their environment is maintained within a narrow range of temperature.

Source: Thermal interface materials for extended EV battery lifespan | Electronics360