Momentum Builds For Advanced Packaging

The semiconductor industry is stepping up its efforts in advanced packaging, an approach that is becoming more widespread with new and complex chip designs.Foundries, OSATs and others are rolling out the next wave of advanced packaging technologies, such as 2.5D/3D, chiplets and fan-out, and they are developing more exotic packaging technologies that promise to improve performance, reduce power, and improve time to market. Each package type is different, with various tradeoffs. As before, the idea behind advanced packaging is to assemble complex dies in a package, creating a system-level design. But advanced packaging faces some technical and cost challenges.

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Chip Industry Wants $50 Billion to Keep Manufacturing in U.S.

WASHINGTON—Sept. 16, 2020—The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), today released a study analyzing the impact of proposed federal incentives for domestic semiconductor manufacturing. The report, titled Government Incentives and U.S. Competitiveness in Semiconductor Manufacturing, finds robust federal incentives would reverse the decades-long trajectory of declining chip production in America and create as many as 19 major semiconductor manufacturing facilities (fabs) and 70,000 high-paying jobs in the U.S. over the next 10 years. Congress is considering legislation that calls for substantial investments in domestic semiconductor manufacturing and research. SIA represents 95 percent of the U.S. semiconductor industry by revenue and nearly two-thirds of non-U.S. chip firms.

Source: Study Finds Federal Incentives for Domestic Semiconductor Manufacturing Would Strengthen America’s Chip Production, Economy, National Security, Supply Chains – Semiconductor Industry Association

It’s Official: Nvidia Buys Arm 

The announcement noted that SoftBank will remain committed to Arm’s long-term success through its ownership stake in Nvidia, expected to be under 10 percent.Nvidia is framing its mega business deal with Arm as “bringing Nvidia’s own AI computing platform to Arm’s vast ecosystem.”

Source: It’s Official: Nvidia Buys Arm | EE Times

CDE Expands its High-Energy Storage, Pulse-Discharge Film Capacitors

CDE Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. announces a major product expansion of standard and custom high energy storage, pulse-discharge capacitors. These are specialized devices, designed for applications requiring repetitive high energy and high voltage charge/discharge cycles.

Source: CDE Expands its High-Energy Storage, Pulse-Discharge Film Capacitors

Combining Capacitors and Inductors in a Single Component 

Researchers at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign have devised a method of combining capacitors and inductors in a tiny, 3D rolled membrane. This will save space in the electronic filters found in phones and other wireless devices. They eliminate or enhance specific input signals to get the best output signals. While essential, these filters take up space on the chips that researchers are constantly trying to make smaller.

Source: Combining Capacitors and Inductors in a Single Component | Microwaves & RF

Survey in 3D Electronics Alternative to PCBs 

Mention an electronic circuit and you are likely to picture a printed circuit board (PCB): a rigid rectangle in a characteristic green color with copper lines and a bewildering array of components soldered onto it. But does adding electronic functionality means using a PCB and thus requires shoehorning a rigid rectangle into the product?

Source: Survey in 3D Electronics Alternative to PCBs – Passive Components Blog

Researchers Demonstrated Ultrahigh Energy Density Ceramic Capacitor 

By introducing defects to a common ceramic material, Berkeley Lab researchers create a highly efficient capacitor with dramatically increased energy density.

Source: Researchers Demonstrated Ultrahigh Energy Density Ceramic Capacitor – Passive Components Blog

Memory pricing downward pressure to extend to 1H21

Oversupply in the memory market is likely to extend downward pricing pressure to the first half of 2021. Memory prices are expected to drop 10% in fourth-quarter 2020. Although demnd for memory products from the PC sector may be flat in fourth-quarter 2020, notebook brand vendors are all-out trying to secure shipments from ODMs to meet strong demand for notebooks in the months ahead. Meanwhile, ASML will soon unveil an EUV technology training center in Taiwan to better serve its major client, TSMC.

Source: Highlights of the day: Memory pricing downward pressure to extend to 1H21

Acacia sampling 100G QSFP-DD coherent pluggable module

Acacia Communications Inc of Maynard, MA, USA (which develops and manufactures high-speed coherent optical interconnect products) is sampling new 100G coherent pluggable solutions specifically designed for optimization in edge and access applications with unamplified links up to 120km.

Source: Acacia sampling 100G QSFP-DD coherent pluggable module

CHIPS Act Targets Post-Globalized Industry 

The U.S. economy is tanking, America is recording more than 1,000 coronavirus deaths daily, millions file for unemployment benefits each week. Amid the crises, chips are taking center stage in what looks like a new, pandemic-driven industrial policy .Manufacturing advanced and secure circuits domestically is no longer just a talking point. Momentum is building, observers note.

Source: CHIPS Act Targets Post-Globalized Industry | EE Times

SMD Package for Rad-Hard Power Electronics 

Anchoring surface mount components (SMD package) to PCBs is a challenge. All too often, different thermal coefficients lead to an expansion misalignment of the materials used, resulting in loss of efficiency. The problem can be especially severe for electronics headed for space.

Source: SMD Package for Rad-Hard Power Electronics | EE Times

Supercapacitors: A 25-Year Market Review

This MarketEYE article discusses the subject of supercapacitors from a perspective of 25 years of behind-the-scenes consulting on markets, technologies and opportunities related to double layer carbon and mixed metal oxide components, operating at the maximum available capacitance range.

Source: Supercapacitors: A 25-Year Market Review | TTI, Inc.